This past week I got to thinking about things I consistently see happening that are holding people back from boosting their business. The incredible part about it all is that these set-backs are deemed so “minor” that people don’t really understand the deep effects they have when building client relationships. 
Are you asking yourself, “What the eff are you talking about Idalia?”
Well, read on through my friends because doing these three things are guaranteed to be game-changers!

1. Answer emails within one business day.
Sounds simple right? You’d be surprised how many influencers don’t respond to clients within a business day and how many times they actually lose jobs because of it. Why? Well, brands and PR reps are normally under really tight deadlines and even though 24 hours may not seem like a long time for an influencer (ie: chill out dude), it’s light years for someone working on the brand side. In Episode 15 of Realization Podcast  James Nord, co-founder of FOHR, went into specifics on how the 24hour rule really does determine whether or not his company will work with an influencer. So in the fast-paced world, keep up. And hey, even if you don’t know the answer to an email you received, you can always write back : Hey XXX, thanks for reaching out. Please give me a day or two to look into it and get back to you.
This means you care and are taking the appropriate time to give the brand an appropriate answer.  This tip alone will work magic for your business. Trust me. It’s a brand’s number one pet-peeve you should never make.

2. Express gratitude.
Yeah. Literally. Basically don’t be a douche-bag. Whenever you work with a brand, always reach out after the campaign is done expressing your your gratitude in working together. After all, these are companies that spent marketing dollars in the hopes that you can increase brand awareness and increase sales. You beat out a slew of other influencers, so rejoice! YOLO! And if you can, why not send the client flowers, or bon bons, or whatever you think they’d enjoy. (wink wink)

3. Send screenshot metrics.
This tip is the holy grail of having brands want to come back again to work with you. After every campaign (and even with that thank you email) you can send on through screenshot metrics of how your posts performed. Here’s the clincher: don’t wait for them to ask you. Be pro-active! What I have my consulting clients do is mark it on their calendar : after 24 hours a post goes live, send screenshot metrics to the brand. You’d be surprised what a difference this simple pro-active act makes. It shows them that you care about your performance and it shows that you are a true professional.

I reallllllly hope you put these three top tricks to use in your daily life when talking with clients/brands. However simple they may sound, they are the things that tend to slip through the cracks so often. Excellence is a habit, so let’s continue flexing the excellency muscle together! If you’re interested in more tips and tricks on how to actually email and talk to clients, definitttelllllllly check out my Essential Emailing Kit – seriouslyyyy this best-selling kit will take you start to finish on best email etiquette. I’m talking : copy and paste what I write and use it in your daily interactions with clients. Plus it comes with a 30 minute audio guide with me giving you alllllllll the info you need. So if you’ve ever been curious about jumping on a call with me to talk about how to actually talk to clients, this kit is for YOU!

 Go forth and conquer my friends!
xo – Idalia 


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