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Unlocking Instagram´s Algorithm COURSE

“Do you ever look at your Instagram in frustration and wonder, “What is going on with my account?”  Fret no more! I’m happily here to help by sharing top insider-information about Instagram’s Algorithm and giving you vital and sustainable tips to stay on top of the game. Kiss your frustrations buh-bye!”

Idalia Salsamendi

Take Idalia’s Best- Selling Unlocking Instagram’s Algorithm Course to maximize your Instagram account and stay ahead of the game!

Hand down a customer favorite – this interactive course will open your eyes and guide you to bettering your Instagram page! In a world where Instagram is constantly changing their algorithm, engagement is decreasing, and brands are becoming smarter about how to hire influencers, Idalia puts everything into perspective and educates you on what’s really happening behind the scenes in this must-have course that caters to small businesses, and micro/macro Influencers alike. If you’re thinking to yourself that Instagram’s algorithm isn’t working in your favor, or confused on why your account isn’t getting the engagement it deserves, look no further! This course is for you!

Course includes :

  • An extremely detailed audio overview of Idalia explaining what Instagram’s algorithm is all about and how you can stay up to date with the latest information.  She guides you page by page through the detailed worksheet to ensure that you understand all the information and can immediately start putting it to use to increase not only your knowledge about the platform, but also to increase your engagement as well! Not to be missed!
  • An extensive twenty-two page worksheet on the ins and outs of the industry, including:
    • First Things First: Idalia starts the kit with a bang by carefully explaining what you should be expecting from this kit and why. She goes into details about the changes of Instragram’s Algorithm and Influencer Online Marketing. Bring out your pen and paper! You’re in for the online course of your life!
    • The New Algorithm : Because Idalia fervently believes in always delivering up-to-date information, this Kit was updated in July 2019 to go along with the newest updates to Instagram’s Algorithm. This means YOU get a front row seat on the evolvement of the platform and how it’s affecting you!
    • Identifying Your Followers : Is your engagement plummeting? Idalia skillfully helps you to identify your followers, and explains how some are actually hurting your engagement.
    • How To Increase Engagement : Did you know that spam followers are actually hurting your engagement? Whether you made the mistake of buying (eek!) or have simply become victim to spam followers,  Idalia  helps reverse this evil spell, just get ready to do the work! This part of the Kit is by far the best kept secret in the industry, and now it’s yours to have and use.
    • Understanding Engagement: Scratching your head trying to figure out what your Engagement Rate is? Scratching your head even harder trying to figure out what your Engagement Rate should be? In this section of the kit, Idalia show’s the mathematics behind the formula and details what percentage you should aim for and how.
    • Creating An Engaged Community : The whole point of understanding Instagram’s Algorithm is to ensure that the community you have (and want to continue adding to) can actually find you, and engage with you! This fosters an online community that will drive more sales and more referrals to the site. What many people don’t know, however, is that engaged accounts actually are favored by the algorithm. Idalia explains in detail how you can stay on top of the game in this section so you can soar in the space.
    • What to Do Next? : Now that you’ve understood the language of the industry, and what’s hurting your engagement, time to be pro-active! The key to success on Instagram is knowing what-to-do-next.
    • The Take-Away : Idalia provides additional resources and websites that she considers key in the industry. Your engagement journey doesn’t end here, consider this the start of a whole new world!

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