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Ultimate Contract Template

“I’m so excited for you to get your hands on my Ultimate Contract Template! This template is so special because it’s a culmination of everything I’ve found most effective within the last ten years of my career when signing brand partnership deals. It’s here to help you- both influencers and brands alike! And now for the first time ever, this kind of information is being made public!”

Idalia Salsamendi

Purchase Idalia’s Ultimate Contract Template to have you signing on the dotted line in no time!

No matter if you are a brand, manager, publicist or influencer, this fully customizable and ultimate contract template covers the most crucial and fundamental points when locking in a partnership deal.  Put all your questions and concerns to rest, and allow Idalia to hand over to you her most coveted template to date. Fun Fact: This is the exact template she uses for her own business!

Package includes :

  • Detailed audio guide of Idalia reviewing the entire contract from start to finish. She explains what is absolutely necessary to go into a brand partnership contract, as well as helpful alternatives and options for a more personalized touch. If that wasn’t enough, Idalia also answers her most frequently-asked-questions when it comes to signing a brand partnership contract. Oh yes friends! She explains all the legal jargon so that you too can sound like a top-notch professional in the business.
  • Fully customizable contract template (Word and Pages) : With over ten years of experience in the talent and brand management industry, Idalia has created the ultimate contract template which is not only easy to understand, but also ensures the most important terms are covered. Best part? This template serves for both brands and influencers alike! Download the contract template, plug in the necessary information and voila! You are ready to secure your dream job!
  • Helpful Guideline Sheet to help you achieve your Contract quest : Consider this your ultimate industry insider cheat-cheat! Idalia condenses everything she speaks about in the Audio Guide into an easy-to-read guideline sheet to have you up-to-date with your Contract Template.

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