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THE Transformative Productivity COURSE

“The more organized you are, the more productive you are. The more productive you are, the more your business will flourish and succeed. It’s an honor to guide you in this transformative course on the correlation between organization and success.”

Idalia Salsamendi

Dive into Idalia’s Transformative Productivity Course to dramatically boost your business by staying organized and productive.

Idalia’s Transformative Productivity Course is a you’re one-stop-shop when it comes to getting your business where you want it to be. Idalia created this course originally for the top-tier influencers she works with, and now has revamped it and added crucial points for just for YOU! With game-changing tips, advice, worksheets, and planners, Idalia provides everything you need in order to keep all your projects and goals on track. Her main goal here was to provide an interactive course for you to recognize, express, and execute your dreams and projects… oh, and did we mention to make some money along the way?

Course includes :

  • A detailed twenty minute audio guide where Idalia doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to helping you and your business grow, and this audio guide is a true reflection on that. This Course was intended to serve as an incredible interactive course on how to be wildly productive in all that you do, and how to transform your business in order to soar to new heights.
  • Instruction Sheet: Let’s start things off right! This instruction sheet will guide you with best practices in using this Course so that you maximize your efforts.
  • Worksheet: This multipage Worksheet first dives into the key and primary questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to the productivity of your business. Then, Idalia dives deeper in this worksheet so that you can start filling out your goals and dreams. She breaks down what’s really “Urgent”, “Pending” and “Productive” about your business, and how you can break the glass ceiling. The Worksheet also comes with a weekly planner to ensure you are holding yourself accountable in achieving your goals. Informative, empowering, and interactive, this Worksheet will become new your best friend.
  • Instagram Planner: This amazing and detailed planner will help you get organized when it comes to posting and planning your Instagram. Whether or not are posting organically or for a paid project, this planner will be a crucial guide in maintaining your Instagram in tip-top shape. We all know that consistency is the golden key to a successful Instagram page, and with this planner, Idalia ensures that you can and will be. She also divulges a HUGE insider tip here that has made all the difference when working with brands, and why they keep on coming back to work with her. This planner also works perfectly well for your Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok posts.
  • Blog Planner: This Blog planner will help you get organized when it comes to posting and planning your Blog as well as your YouTube page. Feel free to use it interchangeably. Whether or not are posting organically or for a paid-project, this planner will be a crucial guide in maintaining your Blog and Youtube in tip-top shape. What are the key things you should be looking at when posting? What do clients really want to see from you? Idalia shares all in this incredible planner.
  • Thank You: Idalia gets personal on her journey here and also offers a truly special surprise here. Oh yes, an added gift just for you! Consider this the icing on the cake!

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