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The Powerful Pitching  course

“Thank you so much for trusting my guidance towards a more successful future in the digital world. After 10+ years of making media kits for top influencers, I am beyond excited to now effectively guide you with yours! My goal with this powerful course is to leave you feeling confident and empowered when reaching out to brands. Let’s do this together!”

Idalia Salsamendi

Indulge in Idalia’s best-selling Powerful Pitching Course to turn your content-creation passion project into a full-fledged business!

Are you ready to jump-start your career and start pitching yourself successfully to your favorite brands? Idalia Salsamendi, business strategist to the most recognizable and respectable social media stars and luxury fashion houses/brands shares her need-to-nail-it tips for pitching brands and turning them into paying clients with the use of this polished and customizable course. This best-selling course has been quoted as being, “An absolutely essential tool every influencer must have. Idalia once again opens a necessary landscape for influencers to start communicating their values with confidence and monetizing in big ways,” and as been featured in various international press as a “game-changer.”

Course includes :

  • Guidelines to help you achieve your Media Kit/One-Sheet quest : Consider this your cheat-cheat. Idalia condenses everything she speaks about in the Audio Course into an easy-to-read guideline sheet to have you up-to-date with your Media Kit/ One Sheet. Because it serves such a functional and important purpose, she encourages you to print it out and always have it handy in your desk.
  • A detailed twenty-five minute audio of how to effectively create a stunning and marketable Media Kit and/or One-Sheet and how to pitch yourself with it. What Idalia found her 10+years managing talent in the fashion industry is that there really is no one else out there actually talking online to influencers about the monumental purpose of Media Kits/One-Sheets. She specifically teaches you how your Media Kit/One Sheet will be the primary and more important tool when pitching to brands. She even goes into detail in this course with some examples of how you can email the brand as an introduction to get them to work with you. How amazing is that?  In this course, Idalia’s aim was to not only specifically explain, but also to make it sound like a dialogue… as if she’s right there by your side guiding you to success! Have you wanted to have Idalia consult for you? Consider this the maximum added value that will leave you feeling motivated, educated, and inspired!
  • One-Sheet template (Keynote and PowerPoint templates) : Starting off in the industry? No problem! Idalia has you covered! A One-Sheet is a wonderful alternative to a traditional Media Kit in making sure all your vital business information is nicely condensed into one killer page!
  • Multi-page customizable Media Kit template (Keynote and PowerPoint templates) : With so many templates in the internet, which is the “right” one to choose? Idalia’s Media Kit template ensures that the key points are being executed on while also allowing you to be creative in expressing your unique personality. What makes you stand apart from your fellow peers? No two media kits should be the same, so have fun with Idalia in creating your own!
  • Fun Fonts: Consider this the cherry on top! Idalia wanted to you have some new fonts in your arsenal to use when creating your assets.

The PowerPoint and Keynote raw/packaged files allow you to completely edit text, fonts, color scheme, swap out images and more. Please note, to customize these files, you must know how to use and own Microsoft PowerPoint and/or Apple Keynote.

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