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THE Influencer Masterclass

“It is my genuine intention for us to build a dynamic relationship with you built on trust, respect, and inspiration. That’s why I’m opening my doors, knowledge and experience to you. No smoke and mirrors. All real. Welcome to The Influencer Masterclass.”

Idalia Salsamendi

Isn’t it time you thrive as an influencer?

The Influencer Masterclass was made specifically for the influencer business, by one of the top managers in the industry. This illuminating six-week course are for those who are hungry to see their dreams come true, and are ready to realize their full potential. You’ll learn tips and tricks Idalia has used for Chriselle Lim, Brittany Xavier and various other top influencers which has helped their careers skyrocket.

Now it’s your turn!

Each video episode comes complete with its informative and interactive worksheet so that you don’t miss a beat. Best part? The Influencer Masterclass comes with added bonuses, discounts, and even surprise appearances from your favorite influencers sharing their top tips and tricks too!

Masterclass includes:

  • Introduction : What’s better than diving in head first into the Masterclass dedicated to exclusively for influencers? This detailed Introduction will set the groundwork for the next six classes, what to expect, and how to best proceed. Idalia encourages you to take this Masterclass as a true six-week course, but of course, if you are extra eager to get to work, or need more time for all the information to sink in, you can take your time with all classes in between. You choose your own pace!
  • Teaser : Indulge in a video tour of what the next six weeks of your life will entail. This teaser video will leave you feeling motivated for the classes to come.
  • Six Video Episodes : In these truly powerful episodes, Idalia guides you step-by-step on what it takes to succeed in this industry. She holds nothing back in each episode, cutting straight to the chase, eliminating the fluff, and giving you the keys to your true power.
    • Episode One: The first episode will guide you through Idalia’s career so that you can get a better understanding on how she can transform your career. From working with powerhouse influencers like Chiara Ferragni at the start of her career, to currently working alongside powerhouses like Brittany Xavier and Chriselle Lim, now you too can be a success story!
    • Episode Two: In the second episode Idalia shares with you why your “why?” is critical to your success. This is the episode which will open your eyes to what makes you unique, and how you can distinguish yourselves from your peers in order to conquer your dreams. Helping to give you long-term goals, this episode is one “ah-ha” moment to another.
    • Episode Three: Building a trustworthy and productive team around you is key to your business, and in episode three Idalia shares with you industry insights on how you can the best people working for you. From getting an assistant, to getting a phenomenal agent, to everything in between, Idalia goes step by step on not only who to surround yourself with, but how to look for them. She even shows you a never-before-seen case study with a top influencer!
    • Episode Four: This wouldn’t be a real business, if you wouldn’t be making real money, so let’s make it! Episode Four will guide you with your rates, your content, and your brand-relationship building skills. Idalia leaves nothing to chance in this highly informative episode so that you are making the money you deserve.
    • Episode Five: If you’re wondering what’s “next” in this industry, this episode is going to blow your mind. One of Idalia’s most asked questions is being answered in this dynamic episode that will have you feeling inspired of what’s to come in your business.
    • Episode Six: What’s better than concluding this transformative Masterclass than reviewing everything we’ve learned? In the last Episode, Idalia gets very personal with you and also offers you an exclusive opportunity to continue working with her!
  • Worksheets : Each Episode comes with its own interactive and informative worksheet. It was Idalia’s goal for you to use this worksheet as your “weekly homework” between Episodes. Since each Episode is packed with so much valuable information, each respective worksheet will not only outline each episode, but also give you special assignments so you can take the information and start putting it to use IMMEDIATELY in your business. We weren’t kidding when we say this is one Masterclass that will positively change the way you view your business.
  • Exclusive Offer: Idalia wants to continue helping you on your way after you’ve completed the Influencer Masterclass. Take her powerful “21 Days of Transformation Course” exclusive only to Masterclass students!

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