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THE Essential Emailing COURSE

“In my experience, I’ve found  the most crucial cornerstone to every successful brand partnership is the art of communication.  Get ready as I guide you through the most essential emails and responses in the influencer industry! Best part? I’ll be showing you in detail how you can be making some serious money along the way! ”

Idalia Salsamendi

Take Idalia’s Essential Emailing Course to ensure you’re locking in the deals you want!

Newsflash: Brands are more likely to choose what influencers to work with based on their professionalism, rather than their quality of content! In this powerful course, Idalia strategically guides you through the most vital of email examples to ensure you are communicating like a pro and having brands coming back for more.

Course includes :

  • A 30 minute detailed audio overview of Idalia explaining the top ten most imperative email responses: If there is one consistent hiccup Idalia sees influencers make, it’s the lack of “human-ness” and business ethnic when it comes to responding to emails. In turn, some of the most common miscommunication errors that occur could have been easily salvaged if only a bit more time and consideration were taken into place when responding to the respective email. In this audio guide, Idalia will take you even further on the why’s and how’s of emailing a brand.
  • Worksheet including ten sample emails influencers tend to receive from brands and sample responses:
    • The “Asking To Collaborate” Email : Ever get an email from a brand introducing you to a product and wondering whether or not they want to work with you? Idalia starts the kit with the most important and crucial sample : how to properly ask a brand if they want to work with you. This is what sets the tone of the relationship and potential partnerships.
    • The Gifting Email : How to turn gifting emails to actual jobs… How to kindly decline gifting from a brand you’re not really into… This and more are explained on this sample email. Did you also know there’s an acceptable limit to what you accept? Get ready to learn!
    • The Rates and Terms Email : Did you know that you need to include Terms when sending your rates? Idalia explains it all here, as well as showing you how to best showcase your services and rates.
    • The “Outside of Budget” Email : Have you ever been put in the awkward position when a brand comes back with a budget MUCH lower than your rate? AH, it’s happened to the best of us. Fret not! Idalia is here to show you how to navigate these delicate waters while still remaining firm and professional with what you charge and why.
    • The “Unaligned Contract” Email : Ever read a contract and realize that most of what they put are things you never agreed to? In this sample response, Idalia shows you how to communicate with the brand to re-align the contract with what you agreed to.
    • The Approvals Email : It’s not as simple as it may seem. Approvals are HUGE and a brand can determine whether or not they want to work with you again just off of this email alone. This sample email will reveal industry tips and tricks on what to send.
    • The “Outside of Contractual Obligations” Email : This is one of Idalia’s biggest pet peeves – when a client asks for more assets for free after a contract is signed. Has this ever happened to you? Doesn’t this put you in an awkward position? Idalia showcases how you can turn this email into a bigger partnership and have the brand even more thankful for your services.
    • The Thank You and Metrics Email : Oh yes friends! The Thank You and the Metrics are key to a successful partnership. Let Idalia show you how to can maximize off this email.
    • The Payment Email : You’ve completed the job but payment is late. Now what? In this sample email, Idalia guides you on how to follow up with payment.
    • The Future Potential Jobs Email : The job doesn’t end once you’ve posted the last asset. In the final sample email, get ready as Idalia shows you how to continue to build a genuine relationship with a brand and securing future jobs.
  • Final Notes: Idalia tops off the sample emails with key notes to take away from any email you send to a brand. If there is one page you should print out and keep on your desk, it’s this one!
  • Additional Help : Idalia finishes this truly informative course with references you can go to should you be interested in learning more about the business.

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