New Beginnings

First and foremost, thank you so much for coming on to see what this new and exciting venture is all about. Creating this new website has been a long time in the making to ensure that I can provide for you a place where you can always come to when you need inspiration, information and empowerment.

So why this and why now?  

Well, let’s start from the beginning… after I left Next Management in New York where I was running the Talent Division, it dawned on me that there was a deeply detrimental gap in the influencer and digital marketing industry. This “gap” is the lack of factual, and experienced-based information of what’s really going on behind the scenes to better help those wanting to excel in their career (both influencers and brands a like). I asked myself: Why is the influencer and digital marketing industry so hush-hush? Furthermore, why are people that have never been fully immersed in the industry the ones who are claiming to know all the answers and selling their advice/classes like an used car salesman trying to meet their monthly quota?

Let’s get one simple yet crucial point straight though: I’m no magical genie. I will never claim to know all the answers and I will never claim that hundred dollar bills will magically fall from the heavens the second you ask for my help. In order for your business to grow and actually be sustainable (I’m not interested in 15 minutes of fame), we need to have definitive and elevated goals; We need to pinpoint what part(s) of your business are not conducive in achieving your goals; We need to design meaningful and impactful changes; We need to execute and hold ourselves accountable for our successes and failures. 

So my friends, it is my upmost goal to ensure you grow in this industry, that you grow to understand not only the nitty gritty business aspect but also the enriching human aspect of our interconnectivity.  As I always say, meaningful work and meaningful relationships are always at the forefront of all my endeavors, both personal and professional. Making you significant money is a powerful and incidental consequence of that. 

As you cruise through my website, I really encourage you to dig a little deeper, and to ask bigger questions, and to have fun! Whether it’s coming on to my News page to hear all the latest updates in the industry, or going to Realization Podcast to hear some incredible interviews with the best of the industry, or intelligently investing in my Business Kits so that you can really take your career to the next level, or signing up for my MasterClass which will prompt your business thinking to expand in growth and revenue. 

This was all made for you! 

Welcome to ISC!


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