What did we learn during nyfw?

One of the biggest highlights of New York Fashion Week for me this season was getting able to speak at the WWD #WWDStyleDimension Summit. To all those that came out, THANK YOU! For real! Being able to do these talks and connect with you guys one-on-one is so so key.

In case you weren’t there, I wanted to share my top three tips and tricks that sparked a lot of “AH HA!” moments in the crowd. Hopefully it will inspire you too! So here we go:

After listening to your questions and comments, and oh my were they personal, it all came down to one thing : KNOW YOU BELONG. Trust me here guys. You do. But here’s the clincher: You have to do you. When I get on Instagram, more times than not I see people just copying each other. You were not born a carbon copy, so don’t turn yourself into one. We each have something that makes us stand out. So even if you don’t know what that magical thing is, trust in yourself that it will appear so long as you are open. If there’s one complaint I always get from brands when working with influencers is that they’re all the same. They want something new. And DING DING DING, this is YOUR opportunity to SHINE!

Let’s get real : in order for you to make a name for yourself in this (or any) industry, you have to focus on your relationships. If you’re scratching your head asking, “Well, I don’t have any contacts Idalia. Easier said than done.” to that I say, “You kinda have a point there buddy, buttttt…..” Remember we all started somewhere. And that “somewhere” usually is (like Drake so infamously said) from the bottom. Did you know when I started this industry as a publicist and later as modeling agent, I had to google companies and literally cold call them to hire my models. Yeah dude. That’s how I got my start. And guess what? You can too. Do your research! Roll up your sleeves and do the work! Also look for local events where you live. Chances are most of the brands you want to work with have a store in a city nearby that does season activities. Walk in and talk to the store manager. Just this point alone if done correctly will MAKE YOUR CARREEERRRRRRR.

3. PITCH: 
When I do conferences, I love it when I see it in people’s eyes when they get that “Ah ha!” moment. It’s why I do these talks! My aim whether it’s through my IG or emailers or website is to give you “Ah ha!” moments on the reg. One of our guests was this energetic and really sweet guy who asked about pitching. Even Chriselle said that when she wants to work for someone she approaches themmmmm with a pitch. Because it’s true!!! Well, I do actually but you get the point. I PITCH A TOP INFLUENCER AND DON’T SIT BACK FOR THINGS TO COME TO ME/HER 😉
That’s right! Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands to pitch yourself. Hello, I do it for Chriselle Lim and countless other top influencers, so you can do it too! No one is “too big” to pitch. Remember you have to come from a place of how you are going to benefit themmmm. Please don’t make it an ego email about how your poop don’t stink. I actually dedicated an entire Online Business Kit about this: The Power Pitch Kit for Influencers. It’s such a game changer and a top seller… I’m not tooting my own horn here… the feedback I’ve gotten from this Kit is beyondddd! With over 500 sold, there’s a reason why people are flocking to this. If you’re interested in really really really succeeding in this pitching world, definitely check it out.

And guess what? If you click on this link right here, you can actually see the entire panel! YESSSSS! I’m so so happy that WWD taped it and went live!

So that’s all folks! Don’t forget to sign up for my weekly newsletters as well… I go wayyyyyyyy more in depth on all this kind of powerful information plus tons of giveaways and discounts. Seriously, it’s fun. I want to continue this dialogue with you, so let’s do this together.

xo- Idalia


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