YUP! I dedicate an entire Realization Podcast episode on how you can start making some money from the #1 form of marketing today – EMAILERS. Shocking, right? Yeah, I know. Before I started my emailers, I was so clueless on the immense power of them. Then a light went off in my head – hold on, through emailers I could actually connect with YOU! Before then, all your questions/comments/concerns were being answered through my Instragram Stories which are automatically removed after 24 hours – not very helpful, huh?

Knowing the tremendous impact it’s made in my business, I wanted to pass on some key notes for yours as well. Listen to the episode as I guide you through:

In Episode 29, go in deeeeeeeeeep about the importance of actually knowing who you are catering to. Here’s the thing with emailers – it has to serve your audience. Sooooo who exactly are they? Do your research in seeing who’s signing up to your email list, who subscribes to your YouTube channel, who follows you on Instagram. This is the first and most crucial start to this whole thing, and I’m here to guide you through building a strong and sustainable foundation.

2.  THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR VOICE: Next on the episode I talk about the importance of finding and fine-tuning your voice (ie: using your emailing platform). Let’s use me as an example. Not for the sake of vanity, but hey, if you made it this far reading this emailer it’s for a reason right? Well, why? Probably because I talk like a human-being.  Or maybe because you’re interested in increasing your business and are looking for tips? Or maybe because you want to see how far I can get before I curse. Hahahahaha, no but really. Knowing your voice is the second most crucial part, and in the episode I get in deep on helping you define your own. PS: It’s actually a lot of fun! 

Oooooooor not. How about: let’s make some friends! Let’s face it, every time you open up an emailer you don’t want a used car salesman up in your jam. I personally don’t. It’s so annoying and I immediately opt out. So don’t be that person! Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your emailers should be about servicing your audience, and the other 20% can be about the money…. a huge chunk of this episode is all about this because after all, ya gotta pay the rent, no? But you have to do it effectively, and you have to earn the trust of your viewers. Never never take them for granted.

Hope that gave you a good taste of what you can expect, and hope you learned some vital things along the way. Please have a listen and let me know how the episode‘s points have helped you. Your feedback is so important to me so I can continue creating content that is beneficial. Oh and in order for iTunes to keep on keeping on, gotta make sure we get those subscribers, rates and reviews. If you don’t mind taking LITERRALLLLLLYYYY six seconds of your day to subscribe, rate (eek! hopefully it’s 5 stars) and review, that would be fabulous! It ensures the survival of the podcast.

xo- Idalia


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