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This past Wednesday I went live with the newest episode of Realization Podcast that literally was as detailed as anyone could get about the fashion and influencer industry. I asked my friend Alex Dickerson, the CMO of The Daily Front Row, to come on to chat about it with us. And what did we learn? A whole bunch but wanted to share with you guys the three biggest takeaway points:  

Yup, hello!  The most obvious point and yet I feel like we tend to forget it. No matter where you are in the Instagram game, you’re number one goal should be that your followers are loyal. And how do you get that loyalty? Well, by being loyal to them: really partnering with brands that mean something to you, by listening, engaging, and responding to them, by showing your authentic self. Feel me? When was the last time you went through the people that engage in your Instagram and engage back. And I don’t mean “liking” their comment on your post. That’s so lazy guys. I mean by going to their page, and liking some of their photos, and hey, why not comment on one. This is one of my manyyyyyy tips when trying to crack Instagram’s Algorithm.  Frustration over the algorithm is totally normal but understanding the platform is such a crucial component in bettering yourself in it. This isn’t the Instagram of 2007 or even 2015. Staying on top of the current algorithm is vital for the digital growth of any business…. and it allllll has to do with a loyal following. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was it built by one person. Give credit where credit is due! It’s so important for influencers to do this. Like Alex and I said in the interview, so many times influencers get on stage and thank their followers ( a must!) but then they forget to thank their agents/managers, internal team, publicist, photographer, etc. Why is this important? Because the human race operates this way and anything less is egocentric. I think Chriselle Lim does such an incredible job in this. Every single time I see her do an interview and she gets applauded for something, she always says that she couldn’t do it alone – it takes a team! Anna Wintour says the same thing everytime she’s praised for what she’s done at Vogue. Seriously, giving thanks is so major. People notice. The people that work for you and help you notice and it boosts morale. 

If you want to work with a brand (or anyone for that matter), do you’re research to get to the person you need to speak to. We really are very lucky that we live in a world with access to just about everything. So make use of platforms like LinkedIn, and Instagram to connect with the person you need to. Once you get that right person’s ear, it’s going to be crucial that you know how to present yourself. There’s no better way than with an incredible Press Kit that really highlights the best in you. It’s like the stars aligning and trust me when I say I’ve seen magic work with this tip! You only have one shot in making the best first impression, so do it! Make that first impression that clients say : OHHH I WANT TO WORK WITH THEM! 

What are other key take-away points you got from this episode? Write back to me and let me know. I love hearing from you guys and keeping this dialogue going.


xo- Idalia 

*Photo via The Daily Front Row*


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